Sparta Online Game

Dreaming of ancient Greece is one thing, living there is another. Dreaming of war is one thing, preparing for it is another. Playing a game is one thing, playing Sparta is another.

To play the game, you need to forget that you are living in the twentieth century US. You need to forget your comfy chair and your wide screen monitor. You need to place your mind where a warrior lives.

You need to know that your sword isn’t just an animation; it is real. The character you are preparing to strike down is another man with hopes and dreams. He loves someone just like you do.

You need to know that your enemy, if left alone will take your life and everything you love. You strike not because you hate him. You strike because your cause is just. You kill him and mourn for him at the same time.

You are a warrior that must fight and yet you hate fighting. You fight to restore balance to a world that is tainted by greed and corruption.

The time is now. You are in Sparta a kingdom of warriors. You have been taken from your family as a child to be raised in a community of warriors that treat each other as brothers. They think of their nation as a family.

You breathe; you eat and you drink preparation for war. You know that your country is surrounded by nations ruled by those who crave what you have, what your family has, what your nation has.

You know that they will come. You know that when they come, you will stand against them with the strength Gods have placed in your heart. A heart that is Spartan.

Are you ready to defend what is yours? Are you ready to do it without hatred and malice that may corrupt your spirit, weaken your heart and your sword arm?

Are you ready to play Sparta: War of Empires online?